About Our Studio

Casa Mis  is a full service firm specializing  in high end residential projects with focus on interiors.


The mission of Casa Mia is to create in­te­ri­ors that are timeless, sophisticated and functional. 


The studio was formed in 2000 by principal Sam Zangi.  Trained as an Architect in New York City, Sam has developed a passion for design from different eras, origins, cultures and styles. His understanding of scale, proportion and design leads him to create harmonious, clean and warm environments.

Sam studied Architecture at the New York Institute of Technology and gained extensive experience working at  top design firms in  New York City.   Sam has designed, renovated and redesigned high end residential projects throughout the city.

Inspired by his dad, a talented master craftsman, Sam has a thorough understanding of timeless design, custom furniture making and the construction of fine hand crafted furnishings.  Sam's  affinity for classical forms and close attention to detail, quality, and functionality permeates sophisticated living environments. 


Casa Mia's  projects are often found in new developments where clients are typically looking for a complete luxury experience while additionally increasing the value of  their new homes through capital improvements.

Attention to detail in every project is paramount to Casa Mia's success and is a characteristic the firm has maintained since the begining. 



Past clients value and appreciate our collaborative approach, our expertise on capital improvement and the ability to translate the client’s lifestyle and preferences into one of a kind tailored home.

Our projects span from coast to coast with clients in Los Angeles, Westchester, Hamptons, Greenwich, Miami and throughout New York City.