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The Biefbi company was founded in 1976 by the Battistelli family who thanks to his experience in the furniture sector, led the firm to the specialization in designing and the industrial production of modular kitchens. Over the years Biefbi by virtue of collaboration with designer, architects photographers and artists turned out/achieved different products, which were combine, at the same time, by the research of the design and the application of the best technologies. A constant will to improve itself, let the company to satisfy more and more demanding customers through the shaping of extremely customable/customized projects.

The Biefbi trend grants the quality of made in Italy products combining technology, design and handicraft tradition. Biefbi, is always careful about the continuous market’s evolution, proposes to designer and the customer a both innovative and current furnishing solutions. The original design is obtained thanks to a continuous collaboration with external designer who can assure a balanced design that endures over time, without resorting to passing trends.
The constant search for a tasteful line in harmony with the rest of the home is supported by the intrinsic quality of the product, which is distinguished by reliability and attention to the finishing touches. A sure choice to be enjoyed for many years.

Biefbi Kitchens has in his establishment of a photovoltaic plant of 30,000 square meters, capable of producing 2.1 megawatts of energy.
The savings in terms of energy and quality in key green issues are important for the company, which operates with the utmost respect for our environment and ecosystem.

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