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Interior design elements come in all shapes, finishes and sizes but that doesn’t mean you should let just anyone design your home or business.

At Casa Mia we hand select manufacturers, brands, and premium products to capture your vision by combining contemporary and modern styles with the latest furnishing trends.

Together, we will create a space that is stylish, comfortable and appealing using contemporary design elements. Our custom interior design solutions feature products from reputable companies that match the look and feel of your home or business.


Contact us, let us transform your space. 


The story of Binova began in an artisan workshop.  It started with Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta, who from a very tender age learned how to work wood with precision, appreciate its qualities and recognize its spirit while working at shops of various carpenters in Assisi. Giovanni added further to his craftsman’s skills at General Motors by acquiring specialized knowledge of high-powered car bodies, which then enhanced with in-depth knowledge of mechanics and advanced technologies. This marked the start of Binova and its story as an Umbrian company in the world of high-quality kitchens.


The Biefbi company was founded in 1976 by the Battistelli family who thanks to his experience in the furniture sector, led the firm to the specialization in designing and the industrial production of modular kitchens. Over the years Biefbi by virtue of collaboration with designer, architects photographers and artists turned out and achieved different products, which were combined, at the same time, by the research of the design and the application of the best technologies. Constant improvements led the company to satisfy more and more demanding customers through the shaping of extremely customized hand made in Italy kitchens and projects.


2006 is the year when Cubo Design’s adventure begins, productive center of kitchens and furniture located in Abruzzo. The company plays its activity for different brands, including Miton. Its presence on the market is organized also with other brands, such as TLK Kitchens and Urban BVA- and other private label, for which Cubo Design realizes several kitchen models. Through the acquisition of Binova brand, that is the historical excellence of the sector, Cubo Design makes a new step forward, achieving an advanced status also in the luxury market. The market is increasing and satisfying consumer needs become more and more an hard challenge. The identity of Cubo Design sustains a significant progress, to anticipate trend and give specific responses to the sector. The result is a strongly consolidation of the company skills with the creation of the new state-to-the-art production center, that uses knowledge of the past for projecting into future, without mediation.

NOSTRO CUSTOM TAILORED                                

Our award-winning Custom Fabrication Division offers a wide range of services and capabilities to homeowners, architects and designers looking for a proven partner in bringing their ideas to life. Nostro supports bespoke custom projects from their initial design development and engineering through fabrication, and final installation. In addition to these fully custom fabrication projects, this division offers a growing selection of Nostro designed standard and semi-custom products for the high-end residential and commercial markets.

While the business continues to evolve and expand, one constant over all of these years is that we continue to love what we do, we remain excited by each new project, and we are energized by the incredible people that we work with. Our amazing team is proud to produce each item in the same Industry City neighborhood where the business was founded.


Riflessi bases its experience in continuous innovation and creates its own products, result of the best Made in Italy design.

Our design team creates solutions for a variety of interiors, helping our customers express their unique style through their decor choices. Our company is deeply involved in every stage of the research, design and manufacturing process. Our expertise and knowledge will help guide you towards the right choices for your specific needs as well as ensuring your decor becomes a true reflection of your inner self.

The application of new technologies and design concepts to artisanal know-how leads to exquisite, traditionally manufactured furniture with a modern twist. We place great importance on custom solutions and encourage our clients to add their creative input when choosing furniture for their home or work environment.


The history of Olivieri is the history of a family that since 1929 is able to express trend at its best and how to live your home, previously only in Italy and now worldwide. Four generations have been succeed. The founder Gregorio Olivieri, in 1908, was only 9 years old when he began to make the first solid wood materials fascinated by the their beauty. In no time he understood that his passion was connected to the furniture’s world.In 1929 he created his first laboratory that in few years became a carpentry shop with 120 employees acknowledged in entire Italy. In 1949, at the age of 13, Gregorio’s son, Tullio, began to work side by side with his father. In the years after, Tullio himself was the main creator of the carpentry in the industrial sector. He immediately showed himself as a brilliant innovator and he developed new wood processing methods never seen before. In a short time the sales network developed and in 1967, with his wife Teresa, they build a new factory. In the mid-1980s Tullio Olivieri had a new bright idea: the discovery and the beginning of a new partnership with a young architect at the beginning of his career namely, Giuseppe Bavuso. Olivieri’s supply increased exponentially and its characteristic will always be its tight connection to the modernity. Along with Marco Olivieri form the right mix of experience and dynamism, creative component and technical, sales and production. By their intuition was born in 2014 the VERY WOOD project. A project in which the corporate image and the new collections are of high standard and in which all the company’s values are well expressed. Today Olivieri brand is appreciated in more than 50 countries worldwide, and in February 2014 was inaugurated the first corporate flagship in Milan.


Welcome to the home of Made in Italy Furniture and furnishing solutions for living and sleeping areas in an infinite range of combinations.

"THE HOME. MADE in Italy ", encloses the key concept for which KICO wants to represent in Italy and in the world a reference player in the furniture sector dedicated to the home.  According to a design style, staff able to collect the promise contained in the definition "Made in Italy". Not only a home conceived according to Italian beauty and style, but above all a home made alive through quality objects, made to last in time.

Kico has the center of its mission in people, first of its collaborators. The objective is to satisfy the wishes of people, whether they are collaborators or buyers or people who buy a Kico product, rewarding all with this the work of the company giving a valuable asset.

In the early ' 60 Giuseppe Rosmawaty begins the adventure. Soon he realizes that the Made in Italy is a guarantee of success and begins the export of his creations: in a few years it becomes one of the largest exporters of modular kitchens, so much to induce an American multinational to believe in him.

The same philosophy and dedication to work lives through the KICO, founded years later by the daughter of Joseph and her husband Quinto. The Made in Italy and the quality of its products represent the two pillars on which the company creates value for its customers. The design, the quality and the service have allowed the company to reach the global markets and to affirm its idea of a beautiful house, made well and made in Italy! Kico is the new name of a concrete reality from the present dynamic, which draws strength from the experience looks with determination to the future.  At the base of business motivations, there is the awareness of being able to compete with a high rate of innovation, faithful to an ethical and aesthetic ideal that speaks in Italian


Always responsive to market inputs, interpreted with intuition and sensitivity, as it reaches forty years of age, Rifra has now achieved the benchmark for “personalized global quality”. The Design is characterized by a linearity of shapes and colors, versatility of offers and a scrupulous cure of materials and finishes, which position Rifra at a high quality level, coherent to tastes and demand of an expert and demanding clientele.  Rifra is a brand that has been, for 45 years, a synonymous of elegance, style and incessant innovation in the world of interior design.

In the last years, the brand RIFRA has set its focus on planning, production and commercialization of high quality Kitchens and Bath decor In order to strengthen the brand’s identity, 

CANE LINE                              

Cane-line is a Danish design company with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional and comfortable furniture. Life made comfortable is the very essence of Cane-line. All over the world our mission is the same – to make life comfortable and add value to life and the places where you unwind and relax. We are constantly focusing on quality, innovative technologies and comfort in both products and life to ensure that our furniture is made with the greatest care for the environment and the well being of people. Cane-line outdoor collection is designed and manufactured with the purpose to have a comfortable outdoor living lifestyle. The all-weather furniture offer maximum comfort and minimal maintenance.Cane-line indoor collection is the essence of light simplicity. A vibrant and living collection of designs based on functional, timeless and socially responsible principles.  Cane-line Elements is a multi-functional collection of products for indoor and outdoor with maximum flexibility. All unique designs can be used both outdoor and indoor


Lucifero's is the story of a family who, with insight and determination, founded a small company in 1978 in Bologna, where still today it operates a plant of 8,000 square meters. Now this small company has become a leader in the production of equipment for high quality architectural lighting, completely “made in Italy”.

At Lucifero's, the design of the product is aimed at harmoniously suiting the light fixture to the surrounding architecture, not only in the physical sense, but in the material sense as well. The designer therefore has a malleable tool to work with. Based on the conviction that lighting should be at the service of architecture - and not vice versa - at Lucifero's we are more interested in the function and the visual tasks that the fixture has to perform, rather than the design if the object itself. And it is for this reason that we have chosen our brand's name. In Latin, it refers to the very first function of a light fixture: to bring light. This requirement, even from the earliest stages of the the idea for a product, has spurred us to carefully research, both the most technologically advanced lighting solutions as well as the materials and finishes that could be deemed interesting for the designer during the creative process.

Over the years this initial premise has gradually turned into a product range - from extruded aluminum profiles to ceiling-mounted systems, from projectors to hidden recessed fittings, from coordinates to outdoor products - and the product range is vast because they offer a very great number of finishes and materials that are not readily available today in "mass" manufacturer catalogues. Our flexibility extends to the production of special products, with both customized standard products and products manufactured from drawings.

Today we work all over the world. Our products, standard or custom-made, are utilized in a variety of spaces as diverse as retail chains, universities, shopping centers, offices, museums and private homes.

We combine creativity, innovation and curiosity with continuity and reliability over time. Our strengths come from a love of this beautiful craft, from the materials and the know-how that comes from experience gained over many years, but especially from the knowledge that a company that works well has a close-knit team of people behind it who live and breathe their work because they have a true passion for it.

Cane Line
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