Urban Loft


Located in Manhattan’s desirable NoHo district this urban loft apartment created from the entire 6th floor of a former hat factory . The residence has been completely renovated and configured as an urban loft bachelor pad by Casa Mia's founder and Architect Sam Zangi.  The space has been completed in a style that the designer describes as “modern industrial”, which celebrates the building’s history while also focusing on texture and natural materials.  Organic elements have been given a sleek and sophisticated design to create a refined finish.


The unit had already been demolished when the designer was brought in, so he started with a blank canvas and the owner’s lifestyle. The main priority with this inspiring interior design was to bring back some of the character of the old building.  To restore the loft-like qualities which had been lost over the years due to various renovations, and to give the space a contemporary raw edge.  The NoHo neighborhood itself is primarily made up of upscale urban loft apartments whose designs reflect their original purpose so it was a great place to start.  The residence ultimately created here absolutely restored the character and enhanced it far beyond.  It is now a fresh and edgy loft with downtown urbane appeal, styled with unexpected luxe and sophisticated touches that is everything the owner was wanting and more.

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