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Home Living Furniture

Modern Italian Furniture

Casa Mia recently introduced furniture, a new line of modern living furniture that complement Casa Mia's modern cabinetry line. This exciting new offering is in line with Casa Mia's global reputation for being on the cutting edge of innovation in design. The offer of furniture allows our designers to create seamless aesthetic experiences between the kitchen space and other rooms in the home, to the delight of our valued clients. Like Casa Mia's kitchen cabinetry lines, Casa Mia's Home Living furniture come in a range of styles, functions and finishes. Lacquered finishes come in a variety of colors and add a luxurious sheen to each interior space. Lacquered finishes have a glossy, smooth appearance that is a staple in modern luxury design. Wood grain finishes are another highly desired finish in the world of modern design as they blend the warmth and natural hues of wood with the smooth, clean texture that is characteristic of contemporary and transitional design. 

Kitchen and Home Living Furniture Design


In the consultation phase of a project, our designers can use their expertise to advise on how elements of a new kitchen design can be brought into the rest of the home, thus integrating the kitchen into the home and creating an overall modern feel across the space. The introduction of Casa Mia's line of modern home living furniture allows for new possibilities in this realm. To see our new home living furniture and to talk to a designer about how this new offering may benefit your home’s design, visit our studio, where you can experience Casa Mia's work first hand and can imagine what possibilities it could create in your home.