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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Italian Kitchens

Since its beginning, Casa Mia  has been known worldwide for its expertise and craftsmanship in modern Italian kitchens. At Casa Mia, we have brought the ingenuity of Italian-made modern kitchen cabinetry to the United States, where we design and install residential modern kitchens as well as commercial modern kitchens.

High End Modern Kitchens

Casa Mia’s designers are skilled at completely transforming kitchen spaces, integrating modern Italian kitchen cabinetry and an overall aesthetic of clean and stunning modern lines. Our modern kitchens put luxurious amenities within your reach and achieve the highest standard of function in the kitchen space. In the modern kitchen, creative storage solutions help to make the most of available space, allowing you to find a place for everything you keep in the kitchen, eliminating clutter and instead letting the luxurious appearance of the new kitchen reign.

Customized Design Options

Our modern kitchens are available in a variety of styles, materials, colors and finishes. They are custom made in our production facility in Italy, where they are produced according to our customers’ specifications. Our skilled craftsmen source the finest materials and create kitchen cabinets that are of of the highest quality. By using an in-house approach to production, we are able to commit to quality control that exceeds industry standards.

Contemporary Style with a Traditional Touch

Our philosophy is to design modern kitchens that are both aesthetic and functional. When working on kitchen design projects, we always put our clients first while assisting with major kitchen design decisions. In addition to modern kitchens, the designers at Casa Mia have expertise in and talents for traditional and transitional kitchens as well. If you are interested in a modern kitchen with a traditional touch, make sure visit our pages about transitional kitchens