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Casa Mia Products

Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Casa Mia specializes in high quality, high function, ergonomically-focused modern Italian kitchen cabinetry. Casa Mia is a global leader in kitchen cabinetry as well as contemporary, transitional and traditional kitchen design. Casa Mia is a trendsetter in the kitchen industry. Our designers are dedicated to remaining on the pulse of the newest innovations in kitchen design. We are known for constantly studying kitchen trends and how people use their kitchens, and enjoy incorporating that knowledge in our products.

Unique Product Design

One of our core goals is to focus on technological advances that can benefit the functionality and enjoy-ability of our clients’ kitchen spaces. Casa Mia modern kitchen cabinets are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our own Italian factory. Over decades, we have earned a global reputation for its expertise in superior modern kitchen design. Our kitchen cabinets  are defined by their embrace of modern aesthetics, new technology, and unsurpassed functionality.

Modern Kitchens

Casa Mia kitchens fully embrace the beauty of modern kitchen design by employing sleek lines and clean aesthetics that utilizes lacquered finishes, wood grains, and glass to create stunning kitchens that are functional, comfortable, and modern. Casa Mia constantly updates its kitchen cabinetry catalogue, always offering the newest breakthroughs in kitchen solutions. Casa Mia is a leader in defining, studying, and employing the newest revelations in kitchen ergonomics and modern design.

Transitional & Traditional Kitchens

Popular in the United States, our kitchen cabinets are also available in transitional styles, blending the timelessness of old world style with the excitement and prestige of modern design elements. Transitional kitchen cabinets at Casa Mia are expertly integrated into the kitchen space by our designers, who have decades of experience in modern kitchen design, traditional kitchen design, and transitional kitchen design.

Home Living

At Casa Mia, kitchen cabinets  have always been our major focus. Recently, Casa Mia also introduced a line of Home Living furniture that visually accompany Casa Mia's kitchen cabinets . By integrating a similar aesthetic into the living space, a seamless atmosphere is created in the home that in turn helps to boost the overall feeling of unity and contemporary design across the entire space. Casa Mia Home Living furniture are a versatile and can also be used in other spaces of the home beyond the living areas. This new and exciting offering from Casa Mia is limitless in its possibilities.