Project 03


Casa Mia's Founder, Sam Zangi designed this micro apartment in NYC's Upper West Side. The apartment contains a kitchen, sleeping area and a full bathroom all within the confines of just 340 square feet. The client who uses the tiny apartment primarily as a place to sleep wanted it to feel more like home. "Prior to the Casa Mia execution the apartment was for me like storage and hotel room," says the client. "It was the greatest solution after being like a squatter, extremely small apartments are great for people who are minimalists, who want to enjoy the city life."

The double bed is tucked away behind  a built-in wall unit that houses much of the apartment's storage. Storage is accessed by a series of hinged doors made in textured walnut laminate. The kitchen with its sink, cook-top, and oven completely concealed in a unit with sliding doors. Refrigerator and freezer are behind custom matching panels made is matt lacquered finish.

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