Waterfront Condo


Located in exclusive Aventura  in North Miami Beach Florida, this vacation home is a dream retreat for an international family. Our team has turned this  Aventura condo into an ocean-inspired haven. A modern take on nautical, each room in this home represents either the beginning, in-transit, or destination phases of traveling the high seas on a sailboat. To accomplish this, our team is blending natural materials and finishes, from teak  to white, and incorporated a variety of blues into the design.

The kitchen finished in glossy lacquer white featuring base units with grooves and a breakfast counter top in teak wood veneer. Backsplash panel featuring a fully concealed LED system. All appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer are covered with custom panels to match adjacent cabinetry. A unique feature at the wall cabinet Includes a flip-up single long door with bottom groove.

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