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Modern Villa


The SZ house is a modern villa quite different from others. Designed by the very creative architect, Sam Zangi, showcasing architectural genius and modern style.


The modern villa is situated at the edge of a town, in the south shore of Long Island, NY. This environment ensures there is always a cozy feel to the SZ house. The structure is erected within a plot size of .25 acre, with a living area of 5000 square feet.

A proper look at the aesthetically beautiful structure shows that the architect paid attention to detail. Every part of the structure oozes elegance and sophistication that can leave one jaw dropped.

From the entrance to the site a garage structure leads past the front garden with the circular driveway and the “morning patio” with its granite stone flooring to the entrance on the north side, accentuating the beauty of the modern villa’s north side. Going beyond the entrance hall lies a large dining and living areas. The house equally boasts a uniquely designed kitchen. The kitchen was designed as an eat-in kitchen. It works either as a closed space, or, thanks to the wide sliding door, as a part of the whole, depending on what the owner wants.


Away from the entrance hall and kitchen, sits a large, broad fireplace directing to the modern villa’s living area, which was planned as a more secure and intimate place. A further foray towards the guest room and workspace reveals a narrow sculptural staircase leading down to the studio, which presents the client’s passion – lovely works of art. The artwork storeroom is positioned right next to the client’s art studio.

Another lovely view in this modern villa is the garden level, which consists of the pool and spa area.

Moving over to the upper story, all three bedrooms contained therein and the corresponding bathrooms are arranged around the gallery, forming wonderful setup. The master bedroom with its fireplace, dressing room and bathroom is designed as an interconnected “private area”, and the partially  covered roof terrace, positioned in front of the bedroom, offers a mile-wide view to the pool and garden below.

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