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Multi Units


At Casa Mia, we are skilled in designing and managing multi-unit kitchen cabinet projects including bathroom vanities in multi-unit developments and buildings. We are very experienced at working with architects, developers, builders and designers, so each new building or development can be smoothly equipped with our very competitive high quality kitchens.

Our modern Italian kitchen cabinetry and line of bathroom vanities are married perfectly with the new constructions and renovations by architects, builders and real estate developers. These developments are aimed at achieving a luxurious, high-end aesthetic, which is why they work well with our kitchen products. Casa Mia have worked with a number of architects and developers to create Italian kitchen cabinets as well as vanity designs in multi-unit spaces and developments, both multi-family residential, multi-unit commercial as well as mixed use buildings. Our kitchen design team has over 20 years’ experience in designing, planning and installing new kitchen designs and our excellent expertise and knowledge with multi-unit kitchen cabinet projects can most definitely make us your partner of choice.

Apartment Kitcen, Wood Dark Cabinet, Oak Floor, Stainless Steel Appliances
Tile, Backsplash
Undercabinet Lighting, Dark Oak, Glossy Cabient, Lacquered, Painted Cabinetss
Bath Vanity, Small Vanity, Bathroom Sink
U Shaped Drawer, Casa Mia
Walnut Furniture, Dining Room Server,Black Metal, Steel Legs
Sofa, Urba Design, Apartment Space, Mirror, Lighting
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