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Transitional Kitchens

Transitional Italian Kitchens

Casa Mia is known for its work in modern Italian kitchens. However, we are also experts in transitional Italian kitchens, which blend the timelessness of traditional kitchen design with the sleek and contemporary feel of modern kitchens. Traditional kitchen design is particularly exciting for our designers, because it allows them to borrow the finest elements from two categories – the old world style of traditional kitchens and the ingenuity and innovation of modern kitchens. At Casa Mia, we are proud to work both on transitional Italian kitchens for residential projects  

Transitional Italian Kitchen Offering

Explore our trasitional kitchens at Casa Mia and experience the fascinating combination of modern meets classic. Our transitional kitchen model Talia creates a prestigious synthesis of authenticity and contemporary design. Our Italian Caviar offers an even stronger traditional touch with kitchen door moldings that create an elegant and reassuring atmosphere. Both models embrace the tenets of transitional kitchen design, integrating detailing and craftsmanship that results in sturdy and beautiful transitional kitchen cabinetry that will serve the space for years to come, drawing in natural elements and those characteristic of modern kitchens to create a layered aesthetic.

Custom Made Italian Traditional Kitchen Design

Our traditional kitchens are custom made at our facility in Atri, Italy. Rest assured that our kitchen designers at Casa Mia will assist you with each single design, layout, and function decision throughout the kitchen design process. You will be able to choose from a selection of handles, moldings, color schemes and finishes, including lacquer finish, which is particularly popular for traditional kitchens. There are many more opportunities for customization and individuality, which you will learn more about when arranging your in-studio design consultation.